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Virtual Corporate Cooking Events &
Virtual Team Building

What companies say

Annie Shin

Cupertino, CA

Team building event

"Delicious food/drinks with easy-to-follow directions leading up to the event and during the experience. We did this experience with our team at work, and it was collaborative, interactive, and fun! Thank you!”

Fernanda Mora

Santiago, Chile

Team building event

My team had such a good time on this class with Helina! We're all now making paellas non stop at home. Thank you Helina for all your tips! I'll definitely recommend this class to other managers for team building events :)”

Yasmine Taha

Ottawa, Canada

Team building event

“Fantastic experience! We did this for a team event at work and it was very enjoyable, easy to follow and a great time. Highly recommend it!!!”

Paella Barcelona Cooking School virtual culinary team building activities are a great way to bond with your team or clients! 

We create Virtual cooking classes: team building activities, that are great for team bonding, rewards, recognition, and other corporate eventsAll our online cooking experiences are live video sessions, that combine tons of fun & social interaction & deep culinary immersion, and delicious Spanish food & wine!

Choose and book for your team one of our virtual cooking classes - team building activities that are listed below or fill the form if you want something even more customized!


Paella & Sangria with a Top Chef

Private group price
from 240€

1.5 hours

Vegan Friendly

Seafood paella & Meat paella
& Mixta paella
(your team choice)
Vegetarians cook Vegatarian paella 
at the same time

Non-alcoholic Sangria for non-drinkers 

1.5 hours

Paella & Sangria 
with a Top Chef


Tapas & Tinto de Verano

Private group price
from 240€

1.5 hours

Vegan Friendly

Patatas Bravas with Aioli sauce

Pan con Tomate

delicious and super easy to make Spanish starter

Tinto de Verano
Non-alcoholic option for non-drinkers 


Sangria & Pan con Tomate

Private group price
from 240€

45 min

Vegan Friendly

The best Sangria
Red wine or
White wine or
Sparkling Wine
(everyone's choice)

Pan con Tomate

delicious & easy Spanish starter

Our Virtual Corporate Cooking Events  & Virtual Team Building activities

We offer three types of virtual cooking classes for team building.
All our online cooking experiences are super fun and interactive,  
combine deep culinary immersion, delicious Spanish food & wine, and tons of laugh!

Virtual Team Building Activities Paella class

Virtual Team Building activities:

Paella & Sangria with a Top Chef

4.98 (92 reviews)

Golden Star



What we will do 


Welcome to the best cooking experience your team has ever done: our Paella & Sangria experience!

Here we will create the most beloved Spanish dish around the world - Paella!

ALL from scratch, following step by step my family recipe, exactly in the way we did in our family restaurant!

Get ready with your favorite fancy glass and funny apron!

After greeting drink we will play a funny name-game, virtually visit some of our guests kitchens and then deeply immerse into our cooking process!

This is so much more than just a live cooking class!

While cooking and enjoying a glass of Sangria or another your favorite drink, we’ll talk about Barcelona, delicious Spanish food, traditions, culture, and a lot more! 

You will see all your colegues cooking process, as we visit everyone paella station many times! Our result will be a lot of fun, many pictures and delicious paella for everyone to enjoy!

 Your team can choose to cook Seafood paella or Meat paella or paella Mixta, where you will combine seafood and meat. Your Vegetarian workmates will cook Vegetarian paella. You team can choose to make Sangria too.

What to bring 

After the reservation you will receive the detailed ingredients list ready to share with your team! 

You'll need utensils like: ordinary flat skillet pan (the biggest you have), an ordinary soup pot (medium size), a cutting board, a chef’s knife, a spoon or spatula for your pan, nice to have a pair of tongs.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a special paella pan, simply show me the pans you have in your kitchen and we will work it out!

The list of basic ingredients for Paella are: 

Seafood paella:  prawns or shrimps, squid, mussels, red bell pepper, garlic, tomato, rice, seafood stock, saffron (optional).

Meat paella: chicken, chorizo (or any sausage), flat beans or peas, red bell pepper, garlic, tomato, rice, meat stock, saffron (optional).

Mixta paella: prawns or shrimps, chicken, red bell pepper, garlic, tomato, rice, meat or seafood stock, saffron (optional).

Vegetarian paella: mushrooms or artichoke, flat beans or peas, red bell pepper, garlic, tomato, rice, vegetarian stock, saffron (optional).

The list of basic ingredients for Sangria are wine fruits & juice.

online cooking paella class

What teams say

Srikanth Guruju

San Francisco, CA

"Great activity orchestrated by a great chef. Had an amazing time cooking with Helina. My team and I had a great time bonding. I would definitely plan on doing this activity again in the future"

Emma Noizumi

"I really enjoyed the class. It was super fun as a team event for work, both the pre-class prep and actual class instruction were really clear, and I'm sure I'll be making paella again because it was simple but really tasty. Thanks so much, Helina!"

Anne Hansen

"Helina was a fantastic host, mindful of what everyone was doing and making. She was able to bring everyone together PLUS make a great paella. Gracias."

Virtual team building activities:

Virtual Team Building Activities Tapas

Real Spanish Tapas & Tinto de Verano

What we will do 


Welcome to our virtual and super interactive cooking experience: Real Spanish Tapas & Tinto de Verano!

We will create together 

World-famous Spanish TAPAS:
♥  Patatas Bravas with
♥  Alioli Sauce (fried potato with 2 famous Spanish sauces Alioli & Brava)

♥  Pan con Tomate (delicious Spanish tomato bread)

♥  Tinto de Verano (delicious Spanish drink)

Pun your funny apron on and get ready to our fun, interactive, delicious virtual cooking experience!

We will play, we will drink, we will talk, we will laugh together! 

We will visit all kitchens on call many times and will see each other on the cooking process! Our result will be a tons of fun, delicious food, and lots pictures for nice memories!

What to bring 

After the reservation you will receive the detailed ingredients list ready to share with your team! 

You'll need simple utensils like: ordinary frying pan, an ordinary pot (medium size), a cutting board, a chef’s knife, a spoon or spatula for your pan, wine pitcher, a blender or a mashing spoon.

The list of basic ingredients for Tapas: 

potato, tomatoes, onion, garlic, simple spices, mayonnaise, bread, frying oil, olive oil.

The list of basic ingredients for Tinto de Verano are wine & lemon & soda.

Virtual-cooking-classes-for-team-building-activities-Sangria-and Pan-con-tomate.JPG

What teams say

Ankit Modi

Newark, CA

"Last year during COVID, my team enjoyed this activity with Helina! They really loved the easy nature of steps mentioned in preparation and attention to detail that Helina provides. Also Helina provides personal attention to everyone on the team and answers many questions the team has. So this year again I organized this activity with another set of team members. Overall, it is a really fun experience!"

Brent Boone

San Francisco, CA

"Helena is a great host, who gets right down to business, teaching you create some of her favorite Tapas, form her home in Spain. We did this experience as a team of over 30+ and people came away feeling like they learned something new, and had a great time"

Matthew Winn

United Kingdom

"Terrific experience.

We are a Big Tech firm, and the team had an amazing time. 100% would recommend. Great and authentic recipes and those little tips that make the experience so worthwhile"

Virtual Team Building Activities Sangria class

Virtual team building activities:

Sangria & Pan con Tomate

What we will do 

Virtual-cooking-classes-for-team-building-activities-Sangria-and Pan-con-tomate.JPG

We will creat together:


Best Spanish Sangria: famous Spanish drink

Pan con Tomate: delicious Spanish apetizer

This experience is GREAT for TEAM BUILDING and PRIVATE EVENTS!


No previous preparations are required! It’s really IMPORTANT for Team Building events: many of your guests will not have time and desire to make preparations for the class 30-40 min in advance which is almost always necessary for complicated recipes

Simple and NOT expensive ingredients (those you have at home): fruits & wine & bread & tomato.

We will encourage your guests to be interactive and keep people talking about your event for months to come. It’s not just a simple cooking class: we will talk, laugh, make toasts, drink, play games and have a lot of fun!

We will make 2 delicious Spanish recipes that your guests will definitely repeat at home many times!

When the class is over you can stay with your guests on the same call as long as you need!

What to bring 

After the reservation you will receive the detailed ingredients list ready to share with your team! 

You'll need simple utensils like a wine pitcher or a big pot, a cutting board, and a chef’s knife.

The list of basic ingredients for Pan con Tomate: 

bread, tomatoes, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil.

The list of basic ingredients for Sangria is wine & fruits & juice.


What teams say

Mary Kay McGarr

Mountain View, CA


"My team and I had so much fun with Helina! We decided to go virtual because of COVID and it also allowed us to include everyone on our team, who live outside of California.  I figured it'd be a lot of fun to experience learning something new together, but I didn't think it would be so DELICIOUS.  This is a great event for a corporate team - if you have someone who doesn't drink it's easy to substitute and make with juice or soda.  Great value. Thanks again, Helina!"

Warren, New Jersey, US

"Helina was lovely!
She made the experience personal for our guests of honor and made sure to include everyone during our lesson.
She explained all of the steps well and it all turned out to be delicious!
Thanks for a fun evening!"


"We all loved the experience! I booked it for my company event and we all (a party of 36) had a blast! Helina and Maria were super engaging, made us talk a lot, laugh, and drink:) They gave personal attention to everyone, checking each step. Very well organized technically: different cameras, really good sound. SUPER DELICIOUS food! After class, we all stayed on the same Zoom call to talk and eat together. Highly recommend!"

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