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Paella Meat Stock. The key to your paella success!

Rich flavorful stock is the main secret to make your Paella truly delicious! Here is my recipe for Meat stock that you can use both for your Meat paella (Paella Valenciana) or your Paella Mixta. Traditional ingredients are chicken and beef, then lots of vegetables and spices, of course! But you can be creative and add or substitute some ingredients! You can use any meat you like for your rich meat paella stock. This stock recipe can be a base for any other dishes or sauces.

Ingredients for 1.5L (~4 paella servings)


🍅 6 big ripe tomatoes

🧄 2.5 heads

🥕 2-3 carrots

🧅 1-2 onions

Other vegetables like parsnip, leek, celery, turnip


🐔 2-3 chicken carcasses,

🐮 ~500 g of beef,

🐷 ~250-350 g of pork (optional)


🍅 1-2 dried tomatoes

🌶 1 dried sweet pepper Ñora

🍃 Bay leaf

Detailed Meat Paella Stock recipe you can find on my Instagram @paella.BCN

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