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Paella Cooking Workshops 
Corporate Events & Team Building activities in Barcelona

Our Paella Cooking Workshops are excellent for corporate events & team building activities where in the heart of Barcelona your team will learn to cook an authentic paella from the hands of our professional chefs from Paella Barcelona Cooking School, work on important job skills, socialize with their colleagues, and in the end enjoy together their own creation: a delicious paella together with sangria, a good wine, cava, and other Spanish drinks.

Our Paella Workshops for Team Building activities are great for team bonding, rewards, recognition, and other corporate events.

Creativity, collaboration, speed, precision, are just some of the skills that are addressed in this corporate event & team building activity, designed and promoted by the experts at Paella Barcelona Cooking School.

To enjoy the corporate event, it does not matter whether or not there is previous gastronomic knowledge, since the final intention of the team-building activity is not to turn the participants into chefs, but to invite them to leave their usual comfort zone, to work on some skills such as delegation, improvisation, and decision-making that are so important for people in their private and working lives.

Large team? 
That's great! We love large events!
We can conduct our Paella Cooking Classes & Team Building activity in Barcelona for groups of up to 300 people.

Depending on the group size we conduct our culinary team-building activity in Barcelona in two different venues. Both venues are beautiful cooking studios within a short walking distance of the Boqueria market (El Raval, Barcelona Old City). Check Our Culinary Venues

Vegetarians or Vegans in your team?
Great! We support all types of dietary restrictions. The vegetarian paella that your vegan colleagues will cook is going to be delicious!

Let us create an unforgettable experience for your team!
For groups of up to 18 people, book directly a private session of our team building activity or contact us! For large groups contact us or complete the form!

Paella & Sangria & Boqueria market
for Team Building activities in Barcelona


4 hours

Hosted in English and Spanish

What clients say 

Lukasz Jaster

Ontario Canada

Big Picture Trading Inc

"We had a great time with Helina, everyone got to participate and play a role, the location was amazing highly recommended”."

Mollie McGrane

Cambridge, United Kingdom

“Amazing experience - Helina and her daughter provided a brilliant cooking evening for our private group session. They were also very accommodating of different dietary requirements and the food and wine was all good quality. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Barcelona.”

Lia Everette
Austin, TX

"Highly recommend and will never forget this an amazing experience, that goes beyond the surface of tourism where you are immersed in Spanish food and cooking. Couple that with wine, music and the amazing chef/host Helina. Her love for Spain, food and people will make one feel as of they’ve known her forever."

What your team will do 


We will meet in BOQUERIA, the oldest and most known Barcelona market and one of the most important markets in Europe, where the freshest and best quality products are found!


We will go directly to the most authentic and beautiful WINE SELLER where we greet ourselves with a glass of Cava (Catalan sparkling wine) and talk about the market history, Paella cooking, Spanish delicious food, etc.  

After greeting drink we will visit the most INTERESTING Boqueria SHOPS and TASTE different delicious things they sell.


Then, we will pick up the freshest seafood and other ingredients for our paella in my favorite and best seafood shop. Here I will show many interesting sea creatures (all alive) that your people might have never seen before!​

Then, our cooking session in a beautiful and antique, Gothic-style Cooking Studio will begin!

After greeting Cava & Wine drinks we will divide your team into 2-3 groups. Each group will have their own task on Sangria making and Paella cooking.


It will be a very much hands-on cooking activity, but if someone prefers watching they can just relax on the comfortable sofa and enjoy the show!

We will create together:

♥ SEAFOOD PAELLA: Huge, super slim, and SOOO Delicious! (80cm /30inches wide!) The thinner the paella the better!

♥ Fresh MUSSELS: steamed with white WINE. Those mussels that we just bought alive from the Boqueria market!

♥ Norway lobsters, cuttlefish, squids, monkfish, mussels, prawns! These are the essential ingredients for our paella!

♥ PAN con TOMATE: famous Catalan tomato bread: with famous Spanish Jamón, Fuet, Chorizo, and Cheese!

♥ SANGRIA: the BEST homemade one: fresh juice & fruits & good wine & liqueur!


Once our paella and other dishes are ready, your team will make themselves comfortable around the big table and enjoy their creations over a glass of wine (or soft drink), laughing, and sharing stories.

We support all dietary restrictions. If you have vegetarians in your team we will cook vegetarian paella in addition to the seafood paella.

The Boqueria market part of our team-building activity is a very informative and fun part of the event, but it is optional. We can skip it if you prefer. 

Book for your team a private session of our In-Person Paella cooking class in Barcelona or contact us if you looking for something more customized!

Our Paella Workshops for Team Building activities in Barcelona are always fun and very interactive!
Active participation in the cooking process and loads of fun for all team members are guaranteed!

Non-stop sangria & wine & cava serving will help us to keep our cooking spirit up!
Once the food is ready the team will enjoy a delicious paella over wine & other drinks, laughing and sharing stories!

Let us help you to create an unforgettable experience for your team! Fill the form!

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