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Unforgettable Interactive Experiences
Paella Barcelona         Cooking School

Paella Barcelona Cooking School experiences are awarded once-in-a-lifetime activities that combine delicious Spanish food, deep culinary immersion, and fun social interaction.

We offer a wide variety of Online and In-Person Barcelona cooking experiences. Choose if you want to book a private session for your Company or join a regular public cooking class with your friends & family.


If you come to Barcelona and you decide to visit us, maybe this one will be the best memories you'll have of your trip

Our online cooking experiences are perfect to bring teams together and promote diversity in a unique fun way

You will enjoy and learn with our deep knowledge of Spanish gastronomy


Corporate cooking events 

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Corporate cooking events

Corporate events & Team Building

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H a p p y   g u e s t s

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A l l   t i m e   z o n e s

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Brands that love our experiences

What companies say 

Martin Brunk
Fairfiled. CT

"We booked Helina for a team building experience with remote workers all over U.S. and had a blast!
She is awesome we have nothing but good things to say about the experience. From the first moment of booking to the end of the class, it was one exceptionally good experience. And the food also turned out excellent."

Annie Shin
Cupertino. CA

"Delicious food/drinks with easy-to-follow directions leading up to the event and during the experience. We did this experience with our team at work, and it was collaborative, interactive, and fun! Thank you!"

Brent Boone
San Francisco. CA

"Helina is a great host, who gets right down to the business, teaching you create some of her favorite Tapas, from her home in Spain. We did this experience as a team of over 30+ and people came away feeling like they learned something new, and had a great time"

online cooking paella class

Cook online from your home


Cook in Barcelona with us 

Friends & Family Cooking Classes

Friends & families reviews

Judy Suo
San Jose. CA

"Helina is an amazing chef in this virtual world. It is my 1st time to try online cooking experience and it was beyond my expectation! Love Helina's thoughtfulness during the whole cooking session: detailed instructions, secret receipts and frequent check-in. And the seafood paella is so yummy! Highly recommend it!."

Dana Eitches
Los Angeles. CA

"A great experience from start to finish! Helina is a wonderful host that makes you feel like you are cooking and enjoying food and wine with old friends! Learned a lot and cannot recommended this experience more!"

Anna Connolly
Cork. Ireland

"Helina offers a professional and very well organized class with clear instructions before and during the class, resulting in delicious paella"

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